About us

The concept

    Directos.eu is a project that is born from the combination of 2 simple ideas: bulk buying and direct buying to producers!
    By grouping together individuals, you have the opportunity to order quantity of products manufactured in Europe.
    Directos.eu is your only intermediary and allows you to easily manage the bulk order, allows each participant to pay separately his participation and offers you a simple service of delivery and withdrawal of your goods.


    The manufacturers / producers, are selected for the quality of their products first and foremost!
    Directos.eu negotiates with everyone the best price in order to attract the largest number of buyers and thus expand their distribution.
    We make the bet to combine excellent quality and very attractive price, so that you, consumer, take advantage of this short circuit to the maximum!


    Directos.eu offers a group purchase service between individuals, its operation is simple and takes place as follows:

  1.         A consumer adds products he wants to order and invites one or more people to join his order     
  3.         Other participants add their product selections to the global order     
  5.         One of the participants declares himself to be the receiver of the global order, and informs his delivery address. The delivery costs are distributed equitably between each participant, according to their respective order     
  7.         Each participant reserves his participation by making the payment (banking authorization, only taken at the validation of the order)     
  9.         Once all the participations have been reserved, the order is validated, the order is sent to the manufacturer to start the preparation     
  11.         The order is then shipped by the manufacturer, the tracking number of the package is then sent to each participant     
  13.         Once received by the recipient, the latter indicates, on Directos.eu, to have received the goods. An alert is then sent to the other participants of the good reception of their participation, and invites them to pick up their goods     
  15.         Each participant picks up his order at the indicated delivery address, and confirms his withdrawal with a withdrawal code, to inform on Directos.eu     
  17.         Each participant takes advantage of his ordered products!