Charcuterie for bar

You need premium quality charcuterie products to create the best aperitif platters for your bar's customers. Discover the exceptional range of traditional and 100% pork-free cold meats that offers you. From Iberian hams to dry sausages to the famous fuets, enjoy the best in charcuterie. Make your customers have a good time at your bar thanks to the quality products from your charcuterie wholesaler.

Spanish Iberian charcuterie

Create a tasty aperitif platter for your bar's customers using traditional charcuterie products from meats that have undergone a unique maturation process. The products are flavored with a wide variety of herbs and spices to release delicious savory and smokey flavors in the mouth. Contact your charcuterie wholesaler for bars to choose exquisite products that will delight all your customers during aperitif evenings.

To create perfect aperitif platters, the choice of traditional charcuterie products is wide:

  • Iberian chorizo,
  • Catalan fuet,
  • spicy sobresade,
  • dried longanisse,
  • the Lomo Duroc,
  • Iberica Shoulder,
  • boneless Serrano Ham,
  • the Lomo,
  • the Morcilla.

In the aperitif boards of your bar, you can also combine Bellota ham or Pata Negra ham with cheese, vegetables and bread. To offer an original taste experience to your customers, opt for the excellent products of your charcuterie wholesaler. Your customers' taste buds will be amazed by your bar charcuterie.

Sausages, the essential bar charcuterie

For aperitifs and tasting evenings in your bar, dry charcuterie is also a safe bet for the composition of your aperitif boards. You can offer delicious platters composed of sausages, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and a sauce. Your bar meats wholesaler sells a wide variety of dry sausages at good prices, such as hazelnut sausage, smoked sausage or natural fuet.

For your aperitif boards, you also have the choice between sausage with sheep's cheese, truffle sausage, mushroom sausage and Roquefort sausage. These pork charcuterie products will go very well with the drinks you offer in your bar.

100% pork-free charcuterie products

For reasons of personal or religious conviction, some customers of your bar do not consumepork-based cold cuts. You can please them and introduce them to original flavors by combining poultry meats with mild cheese and traditional bread.

Your wholesaler of 100% pork-free charcuterie for bars offers you duck breasts, poultry and duck whips, lean poultry sausages and lean beef nuts at very good prices. There is also a whole range of exceptional cold meats made from sheep or turkey meat. offers preferential prices for bar owners. This allows you to present beautiful aperitif platters to your customers without reducing your profit margins. Come and order yourbar meats at the best price in this store and delight your customers.