Charcuterie assortments

Online specialist in direct-producer Spanish charcuterie, Directos offers you the best pieces of Iberian cured meat, Iberian ham and salami delivered to your home ready to be sliced ​​and tasted. For all your occasions, choose from our assortments and Spanish charcuterie boxes to slice and savor at the best price.

Iberian charcuterie, a tasty classic

The Spaniards love Iberian charcuterie so much that it has its own party. With the home delivery of an assortment of Iberian charcuterie, ham and sausage, it will be the feast of Spanish charcuterie in your home every day! The most emblematic flavors of Iberian salami, Spanish Serrano ham, dry chorizo ​​or lomo await you in our store, at retail and at exceptional prices.

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Our delicatessen boxes

Take advantage of our personalized charcuterie box offer

Are you planning to organize an aperitif in the next few days? We offer special boxes to enhance your evening and delight your guests. If you are not interested with this formula, you can put together your own charcuterie packs by choosing products from each range. Our cold meats are perfect for an aperitif, but can also be cooked or enhance your starters thanks to their intense and powerful taste.

Whatever your preferences and budget, you can put together a box containing choice meats. In addition, know that you can receive your order urgently at; condition to pass it before 11am. We also invite you to; subscribe to; our newsletter to keep up to date with all our news and good deals.

Charcuterie Apéro Box

Découvrez notre irrésistible Box de charcuterie pour l'apéro, l'indispensable pour vos soirées entre amis ou en famille ! Notre Box apéro, pensée pour les amateurs de bonne chaire, réunit une sélection exquise de délices charcutiers pour égayer vos moments conviviaux

Iberian charcuterie, a dry cured meat

Made from Iberian pork, typical Iberian charcuterie can be recognized by its slightly garlicky woody smoke and its crust often flavored with paprika. These salty, smoked, lean fat-coated and delicately tangy tastes are typical of Spanish cuisine and make even the smallest slice of ham or Spanish sausage like chorizo ​​irresistible.

Did you know that the most expensive ham in the world is a Spanish ham? The Iberian starred Pata Negra pure Bellota ham is a jewel of world gastronomy... At, we did not wait for the delights of Spanish charcuterie to be recognized at the highest culinary level to enjoy the flavors. Charcuterie rhymes with sharing!

Assorted dried sausages

While everyone knows Spanish Serrano ham and chorizo, Iberian charcuterie has many other stars. TheRed Lomo for example is an exceptional smoked pork ham, similar to bacon, deliciously flavored with garlic and paprika, with a slight nutty taste typical of Bellota. And what about the Spanish manchego sausage, a Catalan sheep's cheese sausage of the same name.

Boxes and assortments of Iberian charcuterie for everyone

For your aperitifs with friends or family, platters of Iberian charcuterie for a canape evening and chiffonnades of cured Spanish ham for summer dishes, choose the delivery of Spanish charcuterie (chorizo, serrano, cured ham) to your home. Make a chorizo ​​pizza, add some tapas, homemade sangria (in moderation) and you have an impromptu evening for charcuterie lovers! You can also cut the slices of Iberian ham directly in front of your guests to add a little something extra.

For cured meat purists, the Spanish Serrano ham cured for 12 months, boned or not, and its unique texture will delight the taste buds of your friends, for a Iberian evening. Accompany this Iberian charcuterie with tomato-chilli sobrasada on bread, and enjoy!

Our boxes and assortments of 100% pork meats are designed to appeal to all lovers of Iberian ham and Spanish sausage in the world. Taste our quality Iberian ham and salami at a low direct producer price.

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