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Specializing in the wholesale sale of meat, the charcuterie wholesaler like is an intermediary between restaurateurs, slaughterhouses, cutting workshops and certified breeders. A true meat expert, the charcuterie wholesaler can operate on both the national and international markets. Our role is to find the most reliable sources of supply on the market so that you can provide your customers with quality products.

When operating on the national market, we keep our products in cold storage with the aim of preserving all their aromas and flavors. In addition to its role as a supplier of good quality products, the charcuterie wholesaler also helps catering professionals choose the best meats for their professional activities. Regarding the prices of cuts of meat, they are set according to the quantity ordered, but also in relation to market prices.

At, we also have a wide choice of meats of different qualities. Among the main formats of meat offered at the best price, you can find sausages, ham and whips. Our ranges of traditional charcuterie or pork-free charcuterie should satisfy your most loyal customers.

Restaurateur: why choose a charcuterie wholesaler?

As a restaurateur, buying meat from a charcuterie wholesaler allows you to benefit from multiple advantages. In addition to very attractive prices, we also offer our customers high quality meats.

High quality products

It is increasingly difficult to find good meat on the market. One of the main advantages of a charcuterie wholesaler like is that it offers pieces of meat of impeccable quality.

Apart from our extensive knowledge of the meat market, we are subject to regular quality and safety checks. To comply with current legislation, we therefore rigorously select for you hygienic and healthy products for our customers in terms of charcuterie. This safety control guarantees the quality of the foodstuffs we offer.

Very competitive purchase prices

Quality product does not necessarily mean high price. Indeed, the meat offered by the charcuterie wholesaler is accessible to all budgets. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the market, we know how to find you quality meat at attractive prices. As charcuterie wholesalers, we can offer you products with a very good quality/price ratio for restaurateurs.

In addition, the charcuterie wholesaler also offers special rates for professionals. Buying meat from us is therefore a great advantage for you. Thanks to a charcuterie wholesaler like us, your customers benefit from quality charcuterie at a reasonable price.

An excellent relationship between professionals

To be sure to provide quality dishes to your customers, you strive to maintain a long-term relationship with your supplier. Indeed, thanks to the charcuterie wholesaler, you have the assurance of having good products for a long time. For the food professionals like you, offering quality products allows you to build customer loyalty more quickly and more easily.

Are you a restaurateur? Bar/brewery manager? From a grocery store? Do you want to serve quality charcuterie to your customers, which will be appreciated over a good drink and will make them want to come back?

Our traditional charcuterie range is mainly presented in 2 formats: Sausages and Fouets

  • Sausages: short and wide, they are related to local charcuterie, with hazelnut sausage, wild boar or venison;
  • Whips (or fuets): thin and long (around 30cm), they are typical of Spanish (Catalan) charcuterie with the flagship product the Fuet Catalan, worked (at Keesbo) in the square of fillet, a noble part of the pork, giving an irresistible taste to the product;

From €1.25 excluding tax per piece
Professional prices

charcuterie for professionals

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We invite you to discover our products, not in the form of samples, but the real products, while benefiting from a discount.

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Also discover our range of 100% pork-free charcuterie:

100% pork-free charcuterie

The certified 100% pork-free charcuterie is a good alternative for people who do not consume this meat for personal or religious reasons. At, we most often offer wholesale traditional cold meats (sausages, whips) with different flavors and containing very little fat.

If your customers are more keen on pork-free charcuterie, we have adapted by offering quality products. Among pork-free cold cuts, you can find:

  • dried duck breast,
  • duck and poultry whip (figs, plain, mushrooms, hazelnuts),
  • the sheep whip,
  • duck breast sausage,
  • the beef nut…

Contrary to what one might think, pork-free charcuterie is particularly appetizing. It stands out for its unique flavors and originality. Made from poultry, duck, mutton and beef, it is perfect for refined restaurants. It's up to you to place your bulk order at the best price in our store. Your charcuterie wholesaler will be able to offer you quality products that will delight the taste buds of your customers.

  • Duck and poultry whisk (plain, figs, hazelnuts, mushrooms)
  • Dried duck breast
  • Duck breast sausage
  • Sheep whip
  • Beef nuts

The meats come from Spain and France.

Our hygiene checks are carried out frequently (up to twice a week). Strict European standards.

Each product is naked (without packaging) or individually packaged, either vacuum-packed or in a protective atmosphere, giving the products excellent conservation.

The shelf life (DLC) of the products varies between 5 and 6 months.

Professional rates

Offer your customers quality charcuterie at an exceptionally very attractive price thanks to with a
special discount for professionals of

(according to the particular price including tax displayed)

Discount subject to conditions of:

1- Minimum order of €400 (approximately 8 boxes)

2- Order by full box:
- box of 30 to 40 pieces for sausages and fuets
- box of 12 pieces for ham nuts (plain or pepper)
- box of 7 pieces for duck breasts
-... (information available on each product page)

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1- Minimum order of €200
2- Box (packaging) divided by 2, i.e.:
   - Box of 15 to 20 pieces for sausages/fuets
   - Box of 4 to 12 pieces for larger products
3- Free delivery from 500€ of purchase


Formula "Mini-Pro"
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with the only condition of a minimum order of €150.
Free shippingfrom 400€ purchase

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