Charcuterie for market seller

To offer top quality charcuterie to your customers as a market seller, consult the catalog now products. For market sellers, your leading charcuterie wholesaler offers all kinds of traditional, pork-free products at very good prices. Sell ​​delicious and refined artisanal cured meats to your customers for their greatest happiness.

Traditional charcuterie products

Due to its timeless success among lovers of meat preparations, traditional charcuterie is a must for specialized stands in market places. The intense and unique taste of matured and salty pork meat indeed offers a taste experience that will not soon be forgotten. As a market seller, contact a serious and experienced charcuterie wholesaler to obtain supplies at the best value for money. p>

It can fill your stock of traditional charcuterie with exceptional products. Charcuterie for market sellers is made from meat chosen for the quality of its muscle fibers and fat. The selection of traditional French and Spanish charcuterie products is large:

  • Fuets: Catalan fuet, mushroom fuet, porcini fuet, Roquefort fuet, garlic fuet, etc.
  • Iberian charcuterie: Iberica shoulder, chorizo, lomo, Duroc lomo, sobrassade, longanisse, ham nuts, dried pork tenderloin, etc.
  • Iberian hams: Serrano ham, Bellota ham, Pata Negra ham, Iberico ham, etc.
  • Sausages: smoked sausage, hazelnut sausage, sausage with goat's cheese, le Maigre sausage, sausage with sheep's cheese, etc.

At a market, you can also sell wild boar or venison sausages to vary the flavor choices. As a market seller, offering excellent charcuterie products will enhance the taste buds of all your customers. The superior quality of your traditional charcuterie sets you apart from other sellers.

You can thus build a positive, solid and lasting reputation as an expert in cured meats. Offering an original taste experience with your pork-based meat products helps attract many new visitors to your stand. You can also retain confirmed customers.

Pork-free charcuterie products

Your charcuterie wholesaler also provides you with succulent 100% pork-free products. This gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience of visitors, because not everyone consumes pig meat. For market sellers, you can offer poultry, duck, turkey, beef or mutton cold cuts. For example, lean beef, mutton fuets, turkey sausages, lean poultry sausages or even duck breasts are products that will sell very well in your specialized section.

Thepoultry & duck fuets are also very popular with visitors to the charcuterie sales stands at the markets. These fuets feature various seasonings (preparations with garlic, pepper, mushrooms, etc.) to allow each palate to find the charcuterie taste that suits them. The products are made by experienced master butchers who use high-quality artisanal know-how. Your charcuterie wholesaler offers preferential rates for all sellers on the markets.

This helps each seller realize good added value on resale. All processed meats benefit from excellent traceability. The artisanal production process for charcuterie fully complies with the requirements of European safety and hygiene standards. Delivery of charcuterie products for market sellers is fast and takes place in all cities in France. Come and get your cold cuts now at the best price on and let your visitors enjoy delicious flavors.