Charcuterie for restaurateur/restaurant

To please your customers who love good cured meats, your restaurant must choose the best in charcuterie. offers you a refined and exceptional range of traditional charcuterie based on pork or poultry to distinguish your restaurant's menu. At a very good price, you can find very tasty products for aperitif platters or cooked dishes, whether ham, sausage or even fuet.

Exquisite products for pork-based charcuterie

Delicatessen products made from pork appeal to many gourmets thanks to an authentic taste that blends perfectly with the delicate aroma of matured meat. To amaze the taste buds of your restaurant's fans, your charcuterie wholesaler offers you preparations that incorporate high-quality artisanal know-how . The specialties most requested by restaurants are:

  • the cold meats to slice: ham nuts, pork tenderloins, Lomo, Lomo Duroc,
  • the range of sausages: dry pork sausage, hazelnut sausage, smoked sausage, goat or sheep cheese sausage, Catalan sausage,
  • the range of fuets or Spanish dry sausages: mushroom fuet, olive fuet, Catalan fuet,
  • Iberian charcuterie: Iberian ham, morcilla, Serrano ham, Iberica shoulder, etc.

For lovers of forest meats, your restaurant can also create an original menu using sausage made from deer or wild boar meat. Currently, the aperitif board is very popular in restaurants. The aperitif boards composed of pork charcuterie, cheeses, slices of bread and fresh vegetables are convivial and tasty dishes.

Thanks to exceptional charcuterie products, the aperitif boards will allow your customers to have a good time for an afterwork or an impromptu evening with loved ones. As a starter or main course, the slightly salty taste of pork tenderloin or the spicy flavor of Spanish soubressade can give you cooking ideas. The salty and sweet notes of Bellota ham will also be perfect for satisfying the gourmet taste buds of your restaurant's customers.

Good pork-free charcuterie products for your restaurant

To avoid creating dissatisfaction in your restaurant, your deli meats wholesaler offers poultry products at very good prices. The range of pork-free charcuterie also includes delicious products prepared from beef, turkey, mutton or duck. Offer original and very tasty aperitif platters to your customers by combining seasonal vegetables and fruits, mild cheeses and a good homemade sauce with slices of duck breast.

To enhance the taste of your cooking, you can also opt for poultry and duck fumets with garlic or pepper, lean beef or lean poultry sausages. Your trusted wholesaler for traditional and pork-free charcuterie offers very attractive preferential prices for restaurant owners. All products are manufactured in accordance with strict specifications emphasizing the traceability of meat and the infallible application of hygiene and safety rules. Provided you keep them in a cool, dry place, your hams, sausages or dry sausages will retain their taste qualities for a very long time. As a restaurateur, trust to find quality cold cuts at the best price.