Charcuterie for cafes, hotels or restaurants

To supply the kitchen of your café, restaurant or hotel with top quality charcuterie products, trust the expertise of Whether traditional charcuterie or pork-free charcuterie, choose products offering excellent taste quality at a very good price. Customers of your café, hotel or restaurant will be delighted by consuming these products which come from properly processed, high quality meat.

Traditional charcuterie products

Introduce authentic local flavors to lovers of pork-based charcuterie who visit your café, restaurant or hotel. Your charcuterie wholesaler for hotels, restaurants and cafes offers you meat products with exquisite taste which are the result of know-how high quality craftsmanship. For your light catering needs, the range of pork-based charcuterie is very wide:

  • Iberian hams: Bellota ham, Pata Negra ham, Serrano ham, Iberico ham, etc.
  • Spanish cold cuts: chorizo, soubressade, lomo, morcilla, Iberica shoulder.
  • Sausages: sausage with hazelnuts, smoked sausage, sausage with venison, wild boar sausage, Le Maigre sausage, Catalan sausage.
  • Fuets: Catalan fuet, porcini fuet, olive fuet, bull fuet, onion fuet.

To amaze the taste buds of the customers of your café, restaurant or hotel, these traditional charcuterie products will allow you to create original and very appetizing aperitif platters. Ham, sausage or even fuet go very well with seasonal vegetables and fruits, sheep's cheese and artisanal bread. Differentiate your establishment from others by offering aperitif boards with a unique signature recognized by all.

For your customers' catering, superior quality charcuterie products also know how to enhance all kinds of starter or main dishes, such as salads, soups, Italian pasta recipes. The diversity of flavors and aromas of these cold cuts makes it possible to effectively rethink cooking recipes to make breakfast, lunch or dinner unforgettable.

Pork-free charcuterie products

Your charcuterie wholesaler also sells meat products such as poultry, duck, turkey, beef or mutton. To please the customers of your café, restaurant or hotel, offer atypical and very tasty cuisine using duck breasts, lean beef fillets, poultry & duck fuets or turkey-based sausages.

The poultry & duck fuet is particularly popular with charcuterie lovers, because the product offers a rich diversity of tastes and flavors in the mouth. During tastings in your establishment, choose quality charcuterie for café, hotel or restaurant. You will thus be able to offer succulent aperitif platters to your guests who do not consume pork-based products.

For restaurant, cafe or hotel owners, offers special rates for large orders. Delivery of traditional or pork-free cold cuts is made within the agreed deadlines, once the order is placed. All these meat products maintain their taste quality for several months provided they are stored in a cool and dry environment. To make hams, fuets or sausages, the origin of the meats used is scrupulously controlled to guarantee safety of consumption.

Come and order your cold meats for café, hotel or restaurant now at the best price in the store and let your customers enjoy products with incomparable flavor.