Charcuterie for wine merchant

To accompany the prestigious wines from your cellar, you must offer superior quality charcuterie to your customers. Choose the tasty and original products that offers you at good prices to offer an extraordinary taste experience to your fine wine lovers. The rich and intense taste of these pork-based meat products or 100% pork-free charcuterie will make your customers' wine tasting unforgettable. Choose quality charcuterie for wine merchants with your wholesaler.

A wide range of traditional charcuterie

To attract new visitors and retain customers of your wine cellar, you must take care of the quality of your aperitif trays by using delicatessen products with exquisite taste. Thanks to the concentrated aromas of the wine, these premium quality traditional charcuteries explode delicious and authentic flavors in the mouth.

To enhance your aperitif platter during a wine or champagne tasting, choose from your charcuterie wholesaler pork sausages from well-kept artisanal work. Whether it is Catalan sausage, sausage with hazelnuts, smoked sausage or dry sausage, your charcuterie for wine merchant will go perfectly with seasonal vegetables, cheese and bread for an exceptional aperitif platter.

For a wine merchant, wild boar or venison sausage is also a sure bet to make wine or champagne tasting an unforgettable moment. Your traditional cheese aperitif platters to accompany wines can also be enhanced with pieces of Spanish Iberian charcuterie. The selection of your charcuterie for a wine merchant may include:

  • Iberian or dry chorizo,
  • spicy Catalan fuet,
  • soubrasade,
  • the dried logo,
  • the morcilla,
  • cured Iberian hams (Pata negra ham, Serrano ham, Grande Réserve ham, Bellota ham, etc.).

To accompany a red wine or a rosé from Provence, these cold meats help to enhance the taste and soften the flavors of these generally spicy or salty products. For your cellar, make a selection of the best charcuterie in order to offer a gourmet moment to your customers.

100% pork-free charcuterie for your wine cellar also offers you preparations with a unique taste based on poultry, duck, beef, mutton or turkey meat. As a prestigious wine merchant, you will be able to create very good aperitif platters for your customers who do not appreciate pork-based products. Your charcuterie wholesaler offers you pork-free products such as duck breasts, lean beef nuts, lean poultry sausages or even poultry and duck fuets. The pronounced aromatic notes of poultry and duck whips with garlic or orange as well as the sweet smoky scent of beef nuts are very well highlighted by a dry white wine or a floral white wine.< /p>

Delight your guests with a platter of pork-free cheeses and charcuterie during a wine tasting. Your charcuterie wholesaler offers all its products at very attractive prices. Offer the best quality charcuterie to your wine cellar’s ​​customers. All meats used, whether pork, poultry or beef, have carefully controlled traceability. Then choose to make a selection of quality charcuterie for wine merchants at the best price.