Charcuterie for parents' association (APE) is the specialist in meat preparations to contact to find charcuterie products at good prices for the activities of your association. parents of students. Whether sausages, hams, fuets or dry sausages, discover the best of traditional and 100% pork-free charcuterie by consulting the store's vast online catalog. All these cold cuts promise you a memorable taste experience.

Parents’ association: why choose quality cold meats?

To support children's educational projects, carrying out a charcuterie sale operation can allow a parents' association to raise enough funds. The traditional charcuterie sale operation is an opportunity to bring together parents and their loved ones around a friendly activity for a good cause. To combine business with pleasure, the APE must offer expertly prepared and matured charcuterie products to visitors to the sales stand.

Your charcuterie wholesaler for parent-teacher associations (APE) offers cured meats made from animal meat specially bred for the tenderness of their flesh. For your pork or pork-free charcuterie sales operation, choose products with very good fat and seasoning quality at the best price. Selling quality charcuterie allows you to fully satisfy the taste desires of visitors. The latter are better able to respond when the parents' association launches other sales operations for meat products.

During parents' association meetings, artisan charcuterie makes it possible to create very tasty aperitif platters. This will enliven the taste buds of APE members and guests.

Delicatessen products for your parent-teacher association

Enjoy quality charcuterie for parents' association for all your events. You can offer meat products made from pork. These delicious products come in several varieties:

  • Iberian hams: Serrano ham, Bellota ham, Pata Negra ham, Iberico ham, etc.
  • Fuets: Catalan fuet, mushroom fuet, porcini fuet, Roquefort fuet, garlic fuet, etc.
  • Iberian charcuterie: ham nuts, dried pork tenderloin, Iberica shoulder, chorizo, lomo, Duroc lomo, sobressade, longanisse, etc.
  • Sausages: smoked sausage, hazelnut sausage, sausage with goat cheese, etc.

The wild boar or venison sausages will also appeal to lovers of meat with a strong taste in the mouth. For your parents' association, your charcuterie wholesaler also offers products made from poultry, duck, turkey, beef or mutton at very good prices. Your APE can highlight duck breasts, lean beef joints, turkey or mutton sausages, lean poultry sausages, etc. Poultry & duck fuets (with orange, garlic, pepper, mushrooms, etc.) are also charcuterie products very appreciated by fine gourmets.

Your expert in premium quality cured meats sells his charcuterie for APE at the best price. This allows you to offer products to participants in your events at a lower cost. The traceability of the meats used to make sausages, hams or fuets is carefully controlled to ensure the safe consumption of all preparations. Very strict hygiene and safety standards are respected throughout the manufacturing process of these meat products. You will thus have access to delicious charcuterie for parent-teacher associations. Go through now to get your products at very attractive prices and enjoy exquisite cold cuts made from the best meats.

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