Charcuterie for works councils (CSE)

Traditional charcuterie boxes are very good gift ideas to please your employees. For works councils, offers a refined and very tasty selection of cold meats to offer to employees. Create tailor-made charcuterie gift boxes for works councils (CSE) taking advantage of the very attractive prices offered for top quality products.

Works council: why offer charcuterie boxes?

Charcuterie products allow you to discover new flavors that are not found with traditional unprepared and matured meats. Contact your charcuterie wholesaler now for works councils to evaluate all the possibilities for composing gift boxes for your employees, customers and partners. Make an atypical and tasty corporate gift to make a positive impression on the spirit of your employees. traditional or pork-free charcuterie will allow everyone to enjoy experiencing the smoky, smoked or spicy flavors of matured meat. You can offer this charcuterie in gift boxes for example.

For your works council, offering charcuterie to your employees or partners is an opportunity to thank them and celebrate their work. Delivering cold cuts in gift boxes helps strengthen the links between the company and the recipients concerned. Your charcuterie wholesaler offers its premium quality meat products for all your needs as a works council.

Charcuterie products for works councils

To choose charcuterie for your works council, you can opt for products made from pork or 100% without pork. The mixture of the two cold cuts also offers an excellent taste experience. The range of pork-based charcuterie products is very vast:

  • Iberian hams: Serrano ham, Bellota ham, Pata Negra ham, etc.
  • Sausages: smoked sausage, hazelnut sausage, sausage with goat cheese, etc.
  • Fuets: Catalan fuet, mushroom fuet, porcini fuet, Roquefort fuet, etc.
  • Iberian charcuterie: ham nuts, dried pork tenderloin, chorizo, lomo, Duroc lomo, sobrassade, longanisse, etc.

To please lovers of forest meats, you can include wild boar or venison sausagesin your gift box. If certain employees or customers do not really like pork products, the selection of poultry-based cold cuts will surely please them.

Also find delicious cured meats made from duck, turkey, beef or mutton. For example, if you choose to put together a gift box, you can compose it with duck breast, lean beef, turkey sausage or lean poultry sausage.

The poultry & duck fuets also offer an anthology of aromas and flavors thanks to different seasoning elements (figs, orange, pepper, mushrooms, hazelnuts, etc.). The wholesaler of charcuterie for works councils offers special prices to please all your employees. You choose healthy and exquisite products which are the result of excellent artisanal know-how. Go through to find quality cold meats for your CE.

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