The Art of Making Catalan Fuet

Spanish charcuterie Catalan fuet
Fuet Catalan

Fuet Catalan

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Catalan Fuet is a traditional charcuterie from Catalonia, Spain. Made from pork meat and carefully selected spices, it offers unique flavors. This sausage is often served as an aperitif or as a starter in Spanish gastronomy. shows you the steps to cook Catalan fuet at home, this dish very popular with charcuterie lovers.

What are the ingredients needed to cook Catalan fuet?

A traditional charcuterie from Catalonia, Catalan fuet is appreciated for its savory taste and unique aroma. The basic ingredients you will need to make Catalan fuet are:

  • pork,
  • bacon,
  • salt,
  • ground black pepper
  • paprika,
  • ground garlic.

You have to be careful about the quality of the pork, as this is decisive for the taste. The quality of the pork guarantees the flavors and the good texture of your Catalan fuet. Lard is an essential ingredient that adds fat to the preparation.

This surplus allows you to keep the meat juicy and obtain a soft texture. Salt is also crucial, as it contributes to the flavor of deli meats and helps preserve the meat. Ground black pepper is used to spice up the savory Espetec, while paprika adds color.

Ground garlic, on the other hand, is used to give extra flavor to charcuterie. Finally, to facilitate the process, you can add water to the preparation. This makes the meat sticky and makes it easier to stuff into natural pork casings. Do not hesitate to ask the professionals, because this Spanish dry sausage requires a certain know-how for its preparation.

Prepare your Catalan fuet

Once the ingredients have been prepared, you can make your Catalan fuet. To start, finely chop the pork. Then add the spices of your choice, such as black pepper, paprika and garlic. Make the mixture of this set with the minced pork.

If you wish, you can also add a little red wine to give an exquisite flavor to the sausage. It is also essential to soak the pork casings in cold water for about 30 minutes. This will help them stretch more easily when filling.

Once the casings are soaked, fill them with the meat and spice mixture. Take care to leave enough room to tie knots at the ends. To form the sausages, tie knots in the ends of the casings to create portions of the desired length.

It is advisable to leave enough space between the knots to allow the sausages to dry properly. Once the sausages are formed, you need to move on to the drying phase. To do this, hang them in a cool, dry place for 2 to 3 weeks. This drying time allows your Espetec to harden and dry better.

During this time, the humidity gradually evaporates and the flavors concentrate. After 2 to 3 weeks, the sausages are normally ready. Then remove the casings and slice the Catalan fuet into thin rounds. Serve it with bread and cheese for a delicious snack or starter at dinner.

Keep your Espetec

Apart from its preparation, conservation is one of the most delicate tasks of this Spanish dish. To keep your Espetec tasty, you must follow a few key steps. The Catalan fuet should first be hung in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

For this, a cellar or storeroom is ideal. This helps maintain a constant temperature and prevents mold growth. It is also recommended to wrap the Catalan fuet in parchment paper to prevent it from drying out.

This technique keeps the humidity inside the casing and extends the life of the product. The parchment paper must be renewed regularly to guarantee optimal protection. It is then essential to regularly check the Catalan fuet to avoid any bacterial or mold contamination.

If you notice white or green spots, immediately discard the sausage. This avoids any risk of illness or food infection in the event of consumption. You should check the Catalan fuet every 2 or 3 days during the first weeks of storage. Later, you can upgrade to one check per week.

In general, Catalan fuet is a fresh product that must be consumed within 3 months of its production. Beyond this period, it may begin to lose taste quality and its texture may become too dry. At, our Catalan charcuterie can be stored for up to six months. Also find out how to store Catalan fuet>

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Fuet Catalan
Fuet CatalanNet weight: 130 g
Originally from Catalonia, the Catalan fuet is distinguished by its long and narrow shape, its characteristic white coat and its smooth texture. It ranks as one of the best Catalan products with its unique taste. Spanish dry sausage Also called "espetec" (Catalan name), the Catalan whip (or fuet) is a Spanish Catalan...
Unit price390
Unit price390

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