Why buy artisanal charcuterie?


A cult culinary specialty of France, charcuterie is mainly made up of pork. A distinction is made between charcuterie, processed meat and artisanal meat, which refers to ancient methods of preparation. With Directos.eu, discover all the advantages of the artisanal version of charcuterie.

The artisanal charcuterie is very appetizing

Charcuterie has long kept its place in Western gastronomy for the quality of its taste. It delights the taste buds through its many variations. These include sausages, terrines, ham, rillettes and many more.

Usually, the meat used in charcuterie is pork. To vary the pleasures, and meet all tastes, poultry, beef and even mutton are now part of the ingredients. The preparation methods haven't really changed and the quality is still excellent.

The meats used are of high quality

The traditional or artisanal charcuterie uses quality products (foie gras, duck meat, pure poultry, beef casing, etc.). Like all good things, it is better not to overindulge in the consumption of deli meats. Quality must take precedence over quantity. Therefore, prefer delicatessen products made in the traditional way, without the addition of potentially carcinogenic agents.

Artisanal charcuterie uses traditional manufacturing methods

Traditional methods are thus preserved in the artisanal production chains. The man intervenes manually to debone the meat, trim and cut it, for example. Recipes, such as that of black pudding, are kept. Even though machines have entered this mode of production, the products are still made in the traditional way, retaining all the authenticity of the raw materials.

No synthetic product is added. The flavors are therefore the same as many years ago, before industrial productions appeared.

The best animal treatment

In the elaboration of artisan charcuterie, the best treatment is reserved for the animals. Animals, whether pigs or poultry, do not stay in farm batteries where stress is their daily life. They have a healthy and natural diet. No chemical contribution is made to their food, and the meat thus retains all the nutritional qualities that each consumer is entitled to demand.

Very affordable cost

Artisanal charcuterie, although requiring more manual work and human intervention, is not necessarily more expensive. By going to an artisanal butcher, you will agree that the quality remains affordable. Indulging yourself with artisanal charcuterie is thus possible for all households.

Whether you like cooked ham to accompany a family raclette, slices of sausage for your aperitif platter or liver pâté to eat with country bread, artisanal charcuterie remains a must on the stalls of merchants.

At Directos.eu, you can indulge yourself, and treat yourself to quality charcuterie direct from the producer.

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