How to cook Catalan fuet?

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Fuet Catalan

Fuet Catalan

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A popular dish of Spanish origin, Catalan fuet can be prepared in several ways. Over the years, recipes based on or made with this Spanish dry sausage have multiplied. shows you here different ways to cook Catalan fuet.

Fuet Salad

Catalan fuet is a perfect ingredient for making a salad. This is a recipe made with lettuce shoots, arugula and lamb's lettuce. You then add the tasty espectec in the form of tacos and cherry tomatoes. Since the salad accepts almost any ingredient, some people also add spring onions.

Croquettes stuffed with fuet

Croquettes are a dish that actually accepts any kind of filling. To give a special flavor to your croquettes, you can replace the traditional ham with Catalan fuet. The Spanish dry sausage on your croquettes will bring a new, more pleasant taste to your taste buds.

Eggs broken in a fuet

An original recipe, the broken eggs in a fuet allow you to taste your dry sausage in a different way. You first fry potatoes in the shape of strips to put on a plate. It is then recommended to fry eggs in oil, taking care to leave the yolk intact. You put the fried eggs on your potatoes, accompanying them with slices of Catalan fuet. You are free to bring the seasonings at will.

Fuet bites with olives

Like savory muffins, fuet bites with olives are an original recipe, very popular with fine gourmets. To make it, you will need:

  • 100 g pitted olives,
  • 350 ​​g wheat flour,
  • 160g Catalan fuet,
  • 100 g grated cheese,
  • 200 g plain yoghurt,
  • 50ml olive oil,
  • 2 eggs,
  • a teaspoon of oregano,
  • salt.

For the preparation, you must first mix the eggs, oil and yogurt. The rest of the ingredients are then incorporated with carefully chopped sausage. You put the whole thing in molds for cooking for 20 minutes at 175°C.

Potato omelet with fuet

The potato omelet is a traditional recipe to which you can add Catalan fuet. Concretely, it is a question of combining poached potato, vegetables, sausage or blue cheese. You then add a few pieces of fuet to it and you're done. Your recipe is ready for tasting.

Catalan sausage as garnish

Catalan fuet is a perfect ingredient to serve as a garnish in some meals. For example, if you want to fill large pieces of chicken, turkey or pork loins, fuet is the ideal solution. You can include it in the garnish of these dishes. It can also be used as a substitute for minced meat or sausage meat. You can also substitute the Spanish cured sausage for the Serran hamo.

Catalan fuet on toast or canapés

A slice of bread with a tomato base and a few cubes of Catalan fuet on it, how about it? For an exquisite flavor, you can add grated mozzarella, semi-cured cheese or Camembert. The result on the taste buds will be spectacular.

Catalan sausage to garnish macaroni or spaghetti with ground beef

To succeed with this recipe made with Spanish dry sausage, prepare your pasta as usual. In the tomato base or in the sauce, you then add an onion and small pieces of fuet. Your dish is now ready for tasting. It is a perfect substitute for traditional chorizo ​​mince.

Fuet flavored pizzas

This Catalan fuet recipe starts with making a traditional pizza. This must include a tomato base and grated mozzarella on top. You season with the ingredients according to your tastes and which can marry with the fuet. Add Slices of Catalan Fuet to give your pizza a nice smoky taste. Need we remind you, the basic idea of ​​pizzas is to combine any other ingredient to obtain the desired flavor.

Catalan fuet pizza

Fuet tartare with cherry tomato

The Catalan fuet tartare with cherry tomato is a simple recipe that is easy to make. You just need to chop all the ingredients into fine pieces. You then mix them on a toast of crusty bread. The essential ingredients are: cherry tomatoes, mustard, onion, fuet, Worcestershire sauce and capers.

Catalan fuet escalivade

To properly cook Escalivade with Fuet, you need to know the essential ingredients and the cooking method.

Ingredients to make your Catalan fuet escalivade

The preparation of the Spanish dry sausage escalivade requires:

  • a Catalan fuet,
  • an eggplant,
  • 3 courgettes,
  • 2 red onions,
  • 250 g of cherry tomatoes,
  • 3 red peppers,
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil,
  • fleur de sel,
  • grilled pepper.

Once these ingredients are mobilized, you prepare them each for good use during the preparation. Prepare the aubergine and zucchini in this way. Slice the vegetables lengthwise. Core the bell pepper and cut it into strips. As for the onions, cut them into 8 pieces.

Preparing your escalivade dish with fuet

Place the vegetables in a dish. Add the olive oil, ground pepper and fleur de sel. First, preheat your oven to 200°C. The whole is then baked for 45 minutes. During cooking, be sure to stir the mixture at least twice.

Ten minutes before cooking this set, add the finely chopped cherry tomatoes. Then check if your vegetables in the dish are grilled and moist. This is the sign that your meal is ready.

However, there is still the fuet that has not yet been added to the recipe! You then have two options. Either you cut your dry sausage into slices to enjoy with grilled vegetables. You can also add slices of fuet to the dish to grill them together. This allows you to flavor your tasty escalivade recipe with fuet.

Bocadillo with Catalan fuet
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Fuet Catalan
Fuet CatalanNet weight: 130 g
Originally from Catalonia, the Catalan fuet is distinguished by its long and narrow shape, its characteristic white coat and its smooth texture. It ranks as one of the best Catalan products with its unique taste. Spanish dry sausage Also called "espetec" (Catalan name), the Catalan whip (or fuet) is a Spanish Catalan...
Unit price390
Unit price390

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