Longaniza: a sausage with a spicy taste

Spanish charcuterie Longaniza

The longaniza is increasingly appreciated by the French. Present on the menu of many restaurants, in delicatessens and in brasseries, this lightly spiced sausage is distinguished by its authentic flavors and unique taste. It is also found in the composition of many homemade meals. To enjoy this delicious sausage, one of the best ways is to order it from a charcuterie wholesaler.

Longaniza: a Spanish sausage with unique flavors

Also called "longanisse", longaniza is a sausage of Spanish origin that looks like a large chorizo ​​sausage. One of the characteristics of this sausage is its thin and long appearance. It is part of many recipes and is consumed all over the world (Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Argentina, etc.).

Longaniza ingredients

The longaniza is a very long, cured and salted pork sausage that draws its distinctive flavor of ground anise seeds. In some parts of the world, it can be made with turkey or chicken. As for the ingredients of this sausage, they are mainly composed of salt, but also some aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano.

The longaniza can also be garnished with black pepper to give it a more pronounced taste. There is sometimes sweet or spicy paprika to enhance the flavor. The red color of this sausage comes from annatto seeds. Other ingredients such as garlic, cinnamon, sweet pepper can also be found in the manufacture of this sausage.

Longanisse is usually stuffed in a natural casing, although some manufacturers do not hesitate to place the meat inside a synthetic casing.< /p>

How to consume longaniza?

This sausage can be used in a sandwich or as an appetizer. Appreciated in France for its salty taste and slightly spicy flavor, the longaniza can be eaten on its own or with an accompaniment. When eaten on its own, it can be eaten grilled, fresh, dry or semi-dry. In this case, the longaniza does not need cooking.

Like the majority of Spanish sausages, the longaniza can also be eaten with bread, precisely with fresh or crusty bread, Catalan tomato bread, according to your desires. This sausage can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of many dishes. Thus, longanisse can be accompanied by rice, potatoes, but also in many dishes of Pied-noir cuisine.

Buying longaniza from a wholesaler: what are the advantages?

In order to effectively meet the needs of consumers, it is essential to provide them with quality products. As a catering professional, each product must be chosen with care in order to offer the best taste experience to your customers. The longaniza is also a recipe increasingly prepared at home in which it is eaten during barbecues. To find good quality longaniza, one of the best ways is to source from a charcuterie wholesaler.

Top quality products

One of the main advantages of buying from a delicatessen wholesaler is that this meat specialist offers products of impeccable quality. This wholesale professional has a perfect knowledge of the meat market. As a result, he knows the suppliers who offer the best products on the market.

In addition to knowing the most reliable longaniza supply sources on the market, its choice is also based on strict criteria in order to provide the best cuts of meat to its customers. Thus, the products offered by the charcuterie wholesaler meet the requirements of European standards.

Individuals or professionals in the catering trade, opting for a charcuterie wholesaler therefore allows you to benefit from superior quality cuts of meat. Offering quality meat to customers or guests allows them to discover new taste experiences.

Better value for money

Going through a charcuterie wholesaler to stock up on longaniza also saves money. Wholesale specialists offer attractive prices, set according to the number of orders, but also based on market trends. The charcuterie wholesaler also regularly offers promotional offers in order to attract new customers. The promotional periods then represent the ideal opportunity to make good deals.

The other advantage of a charcuterie wholesaler is that they also offer special prices for professionals. Thus, restaurants, grocery stores, bars and brasseries can be favored according to their purchases. Buying longaniza from a professional wholesaler is therefore more advantageous than buying from a retailer.

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