Should the skin of dry sausage be eaten?

Charcuterie Saucisson

Saucisson is a food appreciated by charcuterie lovers. This culinary specialty is one of the essentials for successful aperitifs. The question of whether the skin of dry sausage should be eaten divides consumers. If some find it pleasant to eat, others on the contrary find the skin of the dry sausage indigestible and remove it before tasting it. Should we eat the skin of dry sausage?

What is the skin of dry sausage?

The skin of the dry sausage protects the charcuterie during the curing process. drying. It does not contain significant nutritional value. The skin of dry sausage is in fact essentially made up of collagen fibers, a protein that is also found in bones and tendons.

It can be:

  • natural,
  • synthetic or artificial,
  • plastic.

Premium quality natural casings, like most sausage casings sold on Directos, are made from cleaned pork intestines. A skin made with natural casing is healthy and can therefore be consumed without danger to health. It is resistant to pressure, offers good adhesion during seasoning and remains flexible for easy handling.

For economic reasons, some manufacturers offer synthetic skin. It can be a mixture of collagen of animal or vegetable origin. This skin is thin, mold resistant, but devoid of flavor and odor. The skin can also be made of a mixture of collagen and reinforced cellulose, so you lose nothing by removing it. The dry sausage skin can also be made with a plastic material. It is easily recognized by its texture.

Why eat the skin of dry sausage?

Lovers of dry sausage skin consume it for its taste qualities. The skin would indeed add extra flavor to the meat. Its salty and savory taste complements the flavor of pork. It is therefore quite possible to eat it and appreciate its firm texture when it is a homemade sausage, and therefore natural casing.

In addition, the sausage made according to the rules of the art has natural pork casing skin with a natural flower. Edible and protective against pathogenic microorganisms, it can display a white, yellow or black colour. On the other hand, a greenish material and a bad odor are signs of deterioration. The whiteness of the skin can also be obtained by using a powder which makes the product white. Applied to the surface of the sausages, this powder gives the illusion of a surface bloom, but does not add any flavor to the meat.

To better enjoy the skin of the sausage, it is therefore essential to choose traditional products. Sausages made using traditional craftsmanship are renowned for having a unique and authentic flavor thanks to the techniques used. They are free of artificial additives and contain high quality ingredients.

Is it better to remove the skin from dry sausage before eating it?

For people who don't like the dry sausage skin, this part of the sausage is difficult to chew. They find it too thick, too tough with an unappreciable taste.

Some people may also have trouble digesting this part of the dry sausage. In case of digestion problems or sensitivity to certain foods, you should avoid eating it. The same is true if the skin is synthetic or plastic. Consuming the skin of the sausage thus depends on what the manufacturer adds to it.

For the best tasting experience, choose sausages that are as good on the inside as they are on the outside. There are a variety of flavors and textures with several ingredients so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Opt for a sausage made with natural casings and dried in the best conditions.

How to remove the skin from dry sausage?

You can ask your butcher to remove the skin before selling you the sausage if you don't want it. Note that the skin will be more difficult to remove if the sausage is too dry. In this case, it is necessary to hydrate the sausage with cold water. Then, it must be dried properly with a clean towel so that the flesh does not lose its strengths. Then make a slit in the meat and the skin will come off on its own. This technique only works on natural guts and not on synthetic skins.

We advise you to keep your dry sausages well to protect the flesh from mould. Choose to keep your sausages previously wrapped in a clean airtight bag and place them in a cool place. Dry sausages cannot tolerate excessive heat or cold. A temperature between 10 and 20°C is ideal to preserve the flavor of cold cuts. You can also place your dry sausage outdoors in the kitchen. These products can be stored for several weeks or even months.

Opinions are very divided as to the consumption of dry sausage skin. It is therefore essential to make your own experience to determine whether you should remove it or keep it.

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