The process of curing chorizo: the secret of its unique flavor

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Excellent combination of meat and pork fat as well as spices, chorizo ​​is a very popular delicious sausage. Its atypical red color comes from Pimenton, a variety of paprika. To obtain this meaty texture and exceptional taste, chorizo ​​follows a unique traditional manufacturing and maturing process. How does the chorizo ​​curing process take place?

Chopping meat for chorizo

To make chorizo, you must first select and then chop the meat as well as the bacon. The choice of meat used to make this Spanish salami is very important, as it determines the type of chorizo ​​to have.

The original chorizo ​​like that from is made from pork. This excellent blend of spices, fat and pork will transport you with its unique taste and captivating flavor. All these natural flavors give chorizo ​​a unique smell.

Obtaining the Melee

After obtaining the chopped dough comes the time of kneading. The meat is mixed with the main ingredients of garlic, chili pepper and salt. Other ingredients (pepper, onion, thyme, bay leaves, cumin, etc.) can be added depending on the chorizo you want to have: mild, strong, extra -strong. The dough obtained after kneading is called “the melee”. This step is very important, because it allows the ingredients to be well incorporated into the minced chorizo ​​meat. The mixture is covered and placed in a place with an ambient temperature which varies between 2 and 4°C. This rest phase can last between 12 and 24 hours, but never beyond.


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Net weight: 150 g
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Embossing the meat for the chorizo

The embossing stage consists of wrapping the mixture in natural pork casings. The latter can also be preserved in artificial nuclei made from collagen or cellulose. The chorizo ​​is wrapped in natural casing to preserve the nutritional qualities of the spicy sausage and to facilitate its maturation.

Its manufacturing follows traditional techniques dating back several decades. This chorizo ​​can therefore be consumed as desired during aperitifs, family dinners, or as an appetizer. All the dry meats in this online store are manufactured in strict compliance with current health standards.

It is during the embossing stage thatthe chorizo ​​takes different shapes. We can thus obtain:

  • horseshoe or “U” shaped chorizo,
  • the chorizo ​​tied up,
  • Vela chorizo,
  • Cular chorizo.

The horseshoe-shaped chorizo is in one piece and has a size that varies between 34 and 40 mm. It is tied at both ends, making it easy to hang. The attached chorizo ​​has a size between 36 and 50 mm. It is linked and forms a chain made up of several small chorizos.

The “Vela” shape is narrower and has a size that ranges between 30 and 40 mm, and a length of approximately 40 cm. According to some beliefs, its name comes from its long and narrow shape which resembles that of a candle or a candle called "Vela" in Spain. Finally, the chorizo ​​cular measures more than 38 mm and has an irregular cylindrical shape. The latter is in fact determined by the morphology of the intestine.

Refining chorizo

The chorizo ​​curing process can be done in different ways: drying in cold air and smoking with oak wood.

For simple drying, the chorizo ​​is tied and exposed to the open air in a natural, cool and dry place. The choice of site is made based on temperature and humidity characteristics.

According to the traditional method of curing chorizo, it was necessary to choose places where a fire could be set so that the smoke would prevent insects from entering the rooms. This precaution helps protect the drying from insects and other pests.

During the maturation period, the chorizo ​​ferments then dries, which provides natural flavors. This is when it acquires its characteristic texture and flavor. The curing of chorizo ​​lasts around fifty days in a dry and cool place. This time allows the spicy red sausage to harden.

When it is smoked over oak wood, the chorizo ​​is left in a cool, open air place so that it can mature.

Chorizo ​​refining
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ChorizoNet weight: 150 g
Chorizo ​​is a sausage of Spanish origin that is very popular in Europe and particularly by the French. This specialty of Spanish charcuterie offers a multitude of flavors. Chorizo, a food with a unique taste Spanish charcuterie, chorizo ​​is made with pork or a mixture of meats. At, we choose the...
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Unit price370330

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