A story of family salting

Family business dedicated to the production of cured meats and hams since 1940, Keesbo crafts products following the traditional processes and methods of our master butchers. The characteristic taste of our cured meats comes from the ancient craft traditions of the valleys of the Catalan Pyrenees, traditions that we have preserved throughout our many years of experience and which give our products an exceptional quality and taste. The saltingmakes it a point of honor to select the best ingredients and to respect artisanal production methods in order to offer you exceptional products.

The human team that makes up the Keesbo salting is the basis and the key to the success of its Spanish delicatessen. The entire team is committed to continuous process improvement and product line innovation.

It is only by imposing a requirement for excellence in terms of quality that we can offer our customers these products with unparalleled taste and appearance. Our commitment to quality is paramount, and we aim to provide products that will not only satisfy the most discerning palates, but also present an attractive appearance to compliment any table.

At Keesbo, we believe in preserving traditional craftsmanship while adapting to new market demands. We seek to preserve and promote the ancestral know-how of salting, while integrating the strictest standards in terms of food safety and quality.

Spanish Catalan specialties

Whether you are a connoisseur looking for the authentic and intense flavors of the Catalan Pyrenees, or simply want to discover new taste sensations, our shop is here to offer you exceptional products that will delight your taste buds and take you on a journey through the world of artisanal charcuterie.

Discover our wide range of dry charcuterie, ranging from fuets to sausages, including hams.

Keesbo sausage

The sausages are made with care, and respect the artisanal know-how of local cured meats. From nature to various flavors such as figs, hazelnuts, cheeses (goat, sheep, Roquefort) or taste combinations, Keesbo sausages will satisfy you during your aperitifs.

Fuet Keesbo

The emblem of Catalan charcuterie, the Catalan fuet, a great representative of salting expertise, carries with it the whole history of the company , with its unique taste and shape. Other Spanish fuets are available in the Keesbo range, by combining olives, porcini mushrooms or even truffles. Chorizo ​​may be associated with Spanish fuets, due to its shape, but develops a unique flavor with its historic recipe and legendary spiciness.

Spanish ham

Salting also concerns pieces of whole ham, on the bone or boneless, from various farms and different breeds of pigs, such as Serrano, Pata Negra or Bellota, .... As many legendary Spanish hams just waiting to be finely cut.

Lomos, Soubressades or Longaniza

Also find the essentials of Iberian charcuterie with these Keesbo products such as red lomo or Duroc lomo (from Duroc pork), PGI sobrasades, spicy or sweet, and dried longanisse, so appreciated by connoisseurs.

Origin of meat

The origin of the meats we use in our products comes mainly from the northeastern region of Spain, especially from Catalonia and neighboring regions. This region is renowned for its quality breeding and centuries-old traditions in meat production.

The diverse geography of this region provides ideal conditions for ranching, with mountains, verdant valleys and fertile plains. The rich lands and abundant pastures allow the animals to feed themselves in a natural and healthy way, which is reflected in the exceptional quality of the meat.

Our trusted breeding partners, located in these regions, share our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly breeding practices. They ensure that their herds are kept in optimal conditions, with adequate space to move around and feed themselves in a natural way. Animals are also regularly checked by veterinarians to ensure their health and well-being.

This geographical proximity and our close relationship with breeders allow us to select the best meat available on the market. We favor local breeds of cattle, pigs and sheep, which are adapted to the region and offer excellent meat quality thanks to their balanced diet.

We are proud to support the local economy by sourcing locally and working closely with local ranchers. It also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting transport distances.

So when you taste our products, you can have confidence in the origin of the meat you eat. We make it a point of honor to offer you products made from meat from responsible farming and of superior quality, while supporting the local economy of the north-eastern region of Spain.

Keesbo for pros

At Keesbo and, as wholesale meat products, we understand the needs of professionals in the food industry and we are here to meet them. Our range of Keesbo products are specially designed to meet the requirements and expectations of chefs, restaurateurs, caterers and hospitality professionals.

Top quality

We are committed to providing you with top quality products, manufactured to the highest standards. Our cured meats are made from the best meats and the finest ingredients. We make it a point of honor to maintain the tradition and authenticity of artisanal manufacturing methods, guaranteeing consistent quality and exceptional taste.

Convenient packaging

We understand the importance of efficiency and convenience in professional kitchens. That's why Keesbo has designed practical packaging for pros. Some of our cold cuts are available in different formats, adapted to your needs, whether naked or in blister packs (micro perforated), to help you save time, optimize your stock management and ensure continuity of food safety.

Long-term partnership

We value the relationship of trust with our professional clients and we consider ourselves to be full partners in their success. As a manufacturer for over 80 years, we bring our expertise and experience to help you use our products in the best possible way. Our team is on hand to advise you on culinary uses, flavor pairings and best practices to get the most out of our premium dry cured meats.

When you choose Keesbo, you can be sure you'll receive top quality products, a huge selection, convenient packaging and ongoing professional support. Trust our experience and know-how and find out why so many food industry professionals choose Keesbo as their trusted partner.