What piece of pork to make sausage (or saucisson?

Saucisson Fabrication

Saucisson is one of the essential specialties of French cuisine. Like ham, dry sausage or rosette, it is found in many accompaniments to dishes. The sausage is actually a charcuterie made of meat (most often pork). However, many people wonder which part of the pig is used to make sausage. The meat expert Directos.eu tells you more.

The pieces of pork used to make a sausage

Most of the sausages available on the market are made with pork. However, special attention is paid to the parts used for the preparation of this charcuterie. It is important to carefully choose the pieces of pork that go into making the sausage to have a tasty quality of meat. The sausage is made up of about three-quarters lean meat and one-quarter fat. The lean cuts of meat come from, among others, pork shoulder, ham (pork leg) and tenderloin which is located on either side of the backbone.

As for the fat, it comes mainly from the belly or the back fat (the fat on the back of the pig). These different pieces of pork are used to make dry sausage. There are many other more or less innovative recipes that contain beef, wild venison, wild boar or donkey meat. However, the ratio of these meats generally does not exceed 30%. If you don't like pork, you can always opt for sausages made from duck and poultry.

Production process of pork sausage

The design of the sausage is done in several very important steps. It starts with the selection of the main raw material, pork. To have good quality sausages, it is advisable to take pigs raised in the open air. Those that come from intensive farming should be avoided. The step that follows the selection of ingredients and raw materials is the sorting of the meat. The purpose of this task is to debone, degrease and denerve the pork. This is then cut into pieces of about 3 cm and passed through a mincer. The flesh is then seasoned with sugar, salt, pepper and other additional ingredients according to the recipe.

Stuffing is a step that consists of making a natural casing with the chosen pork. The melee (flesh of the future sausage) is then stuffed into the casing, then the edge is tied with a string. Drying is the last step in the pork sausage manufacturing process. It consists of hanging it in a humid room with a temperature between 10 and 15°C. The drying time can range from 6 to 10 weeks to obtain a dry sausage with a very good taste.

There is a wide variety of pork sausages. There are among others:

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