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Based in Spanish Catalonia for more than 60 years, Keesbo salting produces sausages and hams in respect of craftsmanship, and the know-how of cured meat
Les preses Catalunya flag ES
Food Delicatessen

From 0,95

23 product(s)


Cannery since 1884, Boya puts conservers of products from fishing the seas northwest of Spain
Camariñas Galicia flag ES
Food Canned Seafood

From 0,75

17 product(s)
Fuente Peña

Fuente Peña

The Cooperative San Juan de Jaén, created in 1957, is dedicated to the production of virgin olive oil of the Picual variety, with the most advanced production systems, exclusively physical, such as cleaning, washing, grinding centrifugation and filtration with cold extraction, so that no alteration is possible, nor that the natural components are lost
Jaen Jaen flag ES
Food Olive oil

From 4,50

2 product(s)

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